Improve your client experience, maximize your retention and step out of the stone age with digital consultation forms and waivers.

Improve Client and Lash Retention

Provide a consistent experience by recording important details such as room conditions, lash maps and products used at each appointment

Client Profile

Makeup residue affecting retention? Do they prefer tape instead of gel pads? Access info such as allergies, music preferences or timbits of conversation at your fingertips.


Update your client policies as your business grows and changes without 1000 print-outs.


Before + After Photos

Capture what your clients lashes looked like at their first appointment, the end result of your artistry and from every appointment then on.

Save time and trees

Have your clients complete their consultation forms digitally in studio or email them so it’s taken care of before they even arrive.

Powerful lists + Analytics

Easily track lapsed clients so you can let them know how much they’re missed!

All your "paperwork", all in one secure place.

Track Session Details

Tracking your work allows you to provide a consistent client experience or troubleshoot any retention issues that may arise quickly and easily.

We’ve made it simple for you to capture:

  • Which glue was used
  • When the bottle was opened
  • Room humidity
  • Room temperature
  • Before and after photos
  • Lash mapping
  • And notes specific to that appointment such as products used, lash health, etc

Stop guessing what you did each and every time

With our touch-sensitive lash map design tool.

  • Monthly
  • Anually

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